About Northwest Santa Rosa Library

Prior to Coddingtown Mall construction, the region in which the Northwest Library resides was farmland largely devoted to prune orchards. A 1963 General Plan called for building three Santa Rosa libraries, in addition to a Central library. Three years later focus turned to a library to serve the northwest Santa Rosa area. The shopping center's location was chosen for its easy freeway access and plentiful parking. 

The 8,000 square foot one-story brown building opened Oct. 14, 1968 with a collection of 13,000 books. The library serves residents of numerous senior housing complexes and workers at multiple government offices including the Social Security and County Administrative complex. Visitors from Santa Rosa district schools, the Santa Rosa Junior College and area preschools find books, use computers and attend library programs in the library. 

A mural commissioned to honor the memory of a beloved Children’s librarian, Janet Guerrini, was dedicated in November, 1995.