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TeachingBooks.net is provided free to all k-12 students and educators by the California State Library. See California State Library News Release, April 4, 2018

What is TeachingBooks.net?

TeachingBooks.net is an easy-to-use website that adds a multimedia dimension to the reading experiences of children's and young adult books. Our online database is developed and maintained to include thousands of resources about fiction and nonfiction books used in the K–12 environment, with every resource selected to encourage the integration of multimedia author and book materials into reading and library activities. Read more

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How do I Get Started

  1. Have your library card ready (Don't have one? No problem! Check out our eCard registration page)

  2. Click on the "Go" button above

  3. Sign in with your library card if asked


  • Search for a title and find resources to enhance the reading experience including author interviews, book guides, lesson plans, vocabulary lists, annotations and related booklists. 

  • View Meet-the-Author movies

  • Find out how an author's name is really pronounced

  • Watch book trailers

  • Check out many booklists to find your next book to read

Especially for educators (Must be registered with a work related email):

  • Common Core literacy connections

  • Instructional Uses page featuring ready to use resources by subject

  • Connect resources to Google Classroom

  • Create custom reading lists

Available for use on

Any computer, tablet or phone with internet and browser capabilities.  There is currently no app available for this product. 

Need Help?

Contact us by emailphone or in person at any library branch.

Tutorial videos are available here: https://www.teachingbooks.net/support.cgi?f=support_video