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Mango Languages is a major language learning service. This cutting edge language-learning tool is free for all library card-holders and can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Through Mango, library users are offered the opportunity to learn 60 foreign languages and 17 English courses taught in the user’s native tongue. 

How Do I Get Started?

To use Mango on a computer or device in browser

  1. Have your library card ready (Don't have one? No problem! Check out our eCard registration page)

  2. Click on the "Go" button above

  3. Sign in with your library card if asked

  4. Choose to create and account or "Use Mango as a Guest"

  5. Choose a langauge and start learning!

To use Mango with the Mango App

  1. Follow the steps 1-4 above and create an account

  2. Download the Mango app from your App or Play store

  3. Sign in with your email and password

  4. Choose a language and start learning!


  • Over 60 foreign language courses featuring native speakers.

  • Over 17 ESL/ELL courses, targeting essential and necessary dialogue.

  • Fun and cultural specialty courses, including Romantic Courses, Pirate, and Medical Spanish.

  • Learn on the go. Take a self-paced lesson, anytime-anywhere, via free mobile apps.

  • Our most popular language courses now offer a different mode of learning: Listening & Reading Activities are designed to test your knowledge by reinforcing previous lesson material and introducing new vocabulary through written and audio passages.

  • A new and personalized Review System, engineered with adaptive algorithms that work behind the scenes, creates the optimal review sequence tailored to your individual learning habits.

  • We’ve added more course content and restructured our lessons to align our learning system with international levels of proficiency.

Available for use on

Any computer, tablet or phone with internet and browser capabilities. 

Download the free mobile app at your App Store or from Google Play 

Need Help?

Contact us by emailphone or in person at any library branch.

Try visiting Mango's Support pages