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MasterFile Complete

What is Masterfile?

Masterfile is a database that houses thousands of articles, periodicals, topic overviews and more. Covering virtually every subject area of general interest, this online collection also contains full text for nearly 1,000 reference books and over 100,000 primary source documents, as well as an image collection with over half a million photos, maps & flags. 

How do I get started?

  1. Have your library card ready (Don't have one? No problem! Check out our eCard registration page)

  2. Click on the "Go" button above

  3. Sign in with your library card if asked

  4. Search and explore!


  • Personalized account access for saving articles

  • Full publication list A-Z to find the exact Journal or Magazine you want

  • Read and download full text articles from more than 2,000 magazines, journals, and newspapers

Full text access is available for: 

  • The Atlantic

  • Billboard

  • Bon Appetit

  • Consumer Reports

  • Forbes

  • Harper's Bazaar

  • Money

  • Motor Trend

  • Newsweek

  • Parenting

  • People and People en Español

  • Popular Science

  • Time

  • World Affairs

Available for use on

Any computer, tablet or phone with internet and browser capabilities.  There is currently no app for this product. 

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