About Cloverdale Regional Library

There has been a library in Cloverdale since 1894 when a rental library was started in what was called Library Hall. When that building burned down in 1911, the Women’s Improvement Club stepped in and opened a library in one of the Citrus Fair buildings. It was staffed by volunteers and relied on donations from the community. In 1921, the club began a campaign to build a combination library and clubhouse. Land was donated by the Humbert family and the Cloverdale Free Library was completed later that year. The attractive building can still be seen on Cloverdale Boulevard. In 1956, the City of Cloverdale joined the Sonoma County Library system. When a new building was needed, the Women’s Improvement Club sold their old building to raise money. That new building, opened in 1979, is the Cloverdale Regional Library that exists today.