Wireless Internet Access

Free wireless Internet access is available in all Regional Library branches. Wi-fi is not available in the Forestville and Occidental rural stations. Use our wireless connection from your own laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other wi-fi device. We continue to offer public Internet computers you can use for one hour a day at any of our Regional Libraries

How to connect

If you have a newer laptop or wireless card, your computer may automatically find the wireless network. If you need to change its settings in order to use Wi-Fi, be sure to set up your computer to use:

Network name or SSID: Sonoma County Library
Wireless Mode or Network Type: Access Point or Infrastructure (not "Ad Hoc")
Network Properties: Use DHCP (Obtain an IP address automatically)
WEP: Off
WPA: Off

Once your computer finds the wireless network, and you start your web browser, you will get a login page. You must agree to the terms of service before you can log into the network.


  • Bring your own laptop and wireless card or wireless-enabled device. The Library does not check out wireless cards or PDAs.
  • Bring a fully charged battery. Public electric outlets may not be available.
  • Check your manual if you can't get your wireless card to work. 
  • The Library staff will not be able to provide technical assistance with your computer or device.
  • If you normally use a different Wi-Fi network (with a different SSID) your computer may not find our network automatically. 
  • Only devices with web browsers can reach our login page. Devices that cannot reach our login page will not be able to use the wireless Internet connection. 
  • Some wireless devices simply do not work with our wireless access points. We have found no pattern of specific brands or models that don't work at the Library; the same devices work fine everywhere else. Unfortunately, we do not currently have any way to correct this issue.

You can use this wireless connection from your own laptop, smartphone, or other 802.11b (Wi-Fi) wireless device. If your computer doesn't find the wireless access point on its own, make sure your wireless settings are correct.

If you normally use a different Wi-Fi network (with a different SSID) your computer may not find our network automatically. Try opening your wireless settings and starting a new network scan, or changing the settings by typing in the information above. You may also need to restart your computer after changing the settings.

In order to gain access to the Internet, open up your web browser. You will get a page displaying the terms of service. To agree to the terms of service, click the OK button.

Windows 7 users

Security Settings for Windows 7 PCs on Wireless “Public” Networks

1. Connect to the “Sonoma County Library” wireless network.
2. Start Internet Explorer or whatever web browser you use. Sign in by accepting the Acceptable Use Policy.
3. Open the Control Panel.
4. Under “Network and Internet” click “View Network Status and Tasks”.
5. Under “Sonoma County Library” be sure the location says “Public network”.
6. If it says “Public network” under Sonoma County Library, skip steps 7 and 8 below and go to step 9.
7. If the location says “Work network” or “Home network”, click on the network location (“Work network” or “Home network”).
8. Set the Network Location to “Public network”. Then click Close.
9. Click on “Change advance sharing settings”.
10. Under Public (current profile), be sure the following settings are selected:

  • Turn off network discovery.
  • Turn off file and printer sharing.
  • Turn off Public folder sharing.
  • Click on “Choose streaming options” and be sure Media streaming is turned off.
  • If you make any changes, restart your PC.

For any wireless network that you have designated as a “Public network” in Windows 7, no one should be able to “see” your PC or any of your shared resources on the network and you should not be able to “see” other network shares.